ITP TAX COURSES - NOW STARTING ON Saturday 03rd March 2019



Each year, we offer job opportunities to successful students of our tax training courses. This is for the busy part of the tax year July through October and some even through December. Many successful full or part-time consultants are  Accountants or former employees in accounting offices, or ex-officers from the Australian Tax Office or retired accountants and registered tax agents, or people with a clerical or accounting background.

Our Tax Training School is highly acclaimed. Many accountants and registered tax agents undertake these classes and send their staff to be trained by us. We offer a very comprehensive course, specially geared to the preparation of current tax returns.
Prospective students do not need any prior knowledge of Australian tax or tax preparation, however, that would be an advantage. So, whether you are retired and looking for a casual position or returning to the workforce, this is the course to get you started.

ITP The Income Tax Professionals presents its 2019 Tax Training School(TTS).

Course A- We provide comprehensive training in the preparation of tax returns for individuals. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. The only requirement is that you demonstrate competent communication and language skills.

Topics covered:

  •   Income- Salary/Wages,Termination Payments,
  •   Deductions-What to claim & how, also, Substantiation requirements,
  •   Motor Vehicle Expenses/Depreciation of assets,
  •   Calculation of Tax Payable, Medicare Levy,
  •   Tax Offsets.

Course A Fees: $595(inc. GST)  Now is the time to sign up for our course!!! Starts Tues 6th March 2019.
Course B- This is for successful students of Course A only. This course develops on the basic Course A and is necessary for students wishing to work for us. Course starts May/June.

This course covers
  *More complex Income, deduction and Tax offset issues.
  *Investment/Rental Properties, Business, Partnership and GST.
Fees: $495(inc. GST)

Course C- This is a Saturday morning course, and is geared towards people currently in the workforce or undertaking some tertiary education. A large number of accountants and tax agents attend this course to refresh or extend their education. Topics include all of Course A and B above.

Fees: $999(inc. GST) Starts Saturday 3rd  March 2019 @9.30am.

Course E- Distance Education Course $1550. Full course as per C , however, you need only attend the final exam at our Liverpool Office. Support is available during office hours.

  •  Certificates for a pass of over 85%,
  •  Diploma for  a pass over 85% plus working for us  for a min. 15hrs*9 weeks during tax time.

Please Note:

  •   All Fees must be paid in full before course commences.
  •   Comprehensive Lecture Notes supplied progressively.
  •  Non-Refundable deposit of $110* will secure your place.

Registration And Enrolment Form here.

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"Celebrating over 45 years in the business"
ITP "The Income Tax Professionals" presents its 2019 Tax Training School (TTS).

There is no other course offered in Australia that is as comprehensive, detailed and easily digested as our course, so it is ideal for everyone, from housewives to retired bank managers. It is also ideal for accounting students, new and old accountants and their staff, tax agents and those looking for either a new career in taxation or a refresher in the basics of individual tax to businesses and rental properties.

It would suit dynamic, proactive people who are eager to learn, earn and have great people skills.

This course is for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and life experiences with listening and people skills.

You do not require any previous knowledge or experience in the accounting field as we provide comprehensive training in the preparation of tax returns for individuals.

Our only requirement is that you enjoy meeting, dealing with and helping people and that your communication and language skills are up to a good standard.