ITP TAX COURSES - NOW STARTING ON Saturday 11th March 2023



Course A- We provide comprehensive training in the preparation of tax returns for individuals. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. The only requirement is that you demonstrate competent communication and language skills.

Topics covered:

  •   Income- Salary/Wages,Termination Payments,
  •   Deductions-What to claim & how, also, Substantiation requirements,
  •   Motor Vehicle Expenses/Depreciation of assets,
  •   Calculation of Tax Payable, Medicare Levy,
  •   Tax Offsets.

Course B- This is for successful students of Course A only. This course develops on the basic Course A and is necessary for 
This course covers
  *More complex Income, deduction and Tax offset issues.
  *Investment/Rental Properties, Business, Partnership and GST.

Course C- This is a Saturday morning course, and is geared towards people currently in the workforce or undertaking some tertiary education. A large number of accountants and tax agents attend this course to refresh or extend their education. Topics include all of Course A and B above.

Fees: $995(inc. GST) Starts Saturday 11th March 2023 @9.00am.


  •  Certificates for a pass of over 85%,
  •  Diploma for  a pass over 85% plus working for us  for a min. 15hrs*9 weeks during tax time.

Please Note:

  •   All Fees must be paid in full before course commences.
  •   Comprehensive Lecture Notes supplied progressively.
  •  Non-Refundable deposit of $110* will secure your place.

Registration And Enrolment Form here.